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Cheryl Beatrice Knox was born June 22, 1917 in Beltrami County, MN, the daughter of Norman and Esther (Fleischman) Knox. She married Ralph McClellan on October 5, 1935 and they had ten children.

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Ralph and Cheryl (Knox) McClellan Family

Children of Ralph and Cheryl McClellan

Ardythe McClellan b. M.
Gordon McClellan b: m:
Renee McClellan b: m:
Neil McClellan b: m:
Gail McClellan b: m. d:
Marlene McClellan b: m:
Carol McClellan b: M.
Darrell McClellan b: m.
Keith McClellan b: m.
Norman and Esther Knox with Cheryl in 1917
Cheryl in 1934
Cheryl and Ardy, Gordy, Renee and Neil in 1940

Mc Clellan/Knox Photos